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I believe we need to go into the places inside us where we feel our fear, sadness, anger, trauma, anxiety, or other uncomfortable emotions, to find relief from our distress. The approaches that I use offer a safe and engaging opportunity to connect with the parts of us that feel scary in order to move through them and come out on the other side. Throughout this process, we can uncover and connect with the parts of us that are powerful, wise, peaceful, and compassionate. As the journey unfolds, and our parts begin to integrate and collaborate, you can expect to feel a noticeable and ongoing positive ripple effect throughout many aspects of your life.  

I am interested in how you see your life, and will adapt our time together to align with your strengths, your hopes, and your desire for change.

If you are interested in changing some part of your experience, I will bring trauma informed tools into our work together, designed to help you heal and move through the "stuck places" in your life. If you are interested in using GIM and/or EMDR to access the deep-rooted wisdom in our bodies, difficult to access through words, we will plan our time accordingly. I rely on techniques proven to be highly effective and efficient and will focus on your thoughts, emotions, and physical symptoms to create a long lasting impact on your daily experience. 

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